Where and When

As part of the first 50% of decisions of our 50/50 rule (if you missed it read our post “Decisions decisions…“) we have now settled on a destination timeline. This is our calendar for now but things might change when we are actually travelling (the other 50%).

What do you think, too little or too much in some of the places? Leave us your comments!

Como parte dos primeiros 50% de decisões da nossa regra 50/50 (se não estão a entender leiam o nosso post “Decisions decisions…” – “Decisões decisões…“) finalmente fixámos as datas para cada destino. Este é o nosso calendário mas pode mudar quando estivermos realmente em viagem (esses são os outros 50%).

O que acham, muitos ou poucos dias em alguns dos destinos? Deixem-nos os vossos comentários!

Week Table


2 thoughts on “Where and When

    • Elsa and Nuno says:

      Lets say that this time in Japan will be a survey for a potential new trip, one that will be more focused in Asia. Regarding flying on the 1st of January 2016 that is our view also but we think that after 120 days traveling by plane, train, bus and foot we can manage 2 flights back home on the first day of the year. 🙂


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