Canada – the verdict

After leaving Niagara Falls we took a train to Toronto where we stayed 4 days and after that another to Montreal where we spent the last 3 days. Today we are on the way to NYC, a train ride that takes over 10 hours. This means plenty of time to catch up on what we have been up to.

Although one week is very little to get to know one city, let alone two, it does give us a sense of what living there is like, even if only from a tourist perspective.

Toronto was a nice surprise, the skyline is beautiful and it is a modern city with many tall buildings and a large financial center. It is also the fourth largest city in North America . There is still a lot of new construction going on and the new buildings are generally very well integrated with the older ones, sometimes even using parts of the old construction and building on it. The nice weather we had also helped to see a more colorful side of Toronto.

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