Macau, an old Portuguese colony

Macau was given back to China in 1999, until then we could see during this trip that the Portuguese left a mark, but not language wise, almost no one spoke Portuguese, but we have a very good connection there, Pedro Xavier, a local friend who went together with Elsa to university. We took advantage of that and we had him for the whole day to give us a tour in town. Thank you Xavier, we would never get to know the real Macao without you! And what a tour…


First thing we did was walk from the ferry station to the bottom of the Guia hill that has a cable car called “Teleférico da Guia” from the Portuguese era and one thing that we saw during the walk and the ride on the cable car was that the town looked old and that all streets had their name in Portuguese and in Cantonese (Xavier correct me if I am wrong).

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