Mauritius – a nice relaxing week in the Indian Ocean

We spent a week in the Mauritius and before the foot accident we had lots of plans of what we hoped to see and do. But life doesn’t always work out the way we expect so we just take what we can get and enjoy it. And that’s exactly what we did. We enjoyed the beautiful views of our hotel, the infinity pool in the adult only area and all the relaxing time we could get.



We did get to do this really cool dive in a subscooter. You take a small boat trip to get over the reef that surrounds the Mauritius and gives all the fantastic snorkelling opportunities (while keeping those pesky sharks away!) and step onto a platform in the middle of the ocean where you board the under water scooter. This will take you to about 3 meters deep in the ocean but you and your partner will not get your heads (and hair!) wet and get to talk about all the cool stuff you see under water. It lasts approx. 30 minutes and we only wish it lasted longer. Continue reading