Top 10 unforgettable places (by Elsa)

Now that the dust starts to settle, I start to see more clearly the places that have marked me the most. When it comes to the order of them I ranked the list the first time on the plane back to Stavanger but since then whenever I rank them again they switch places sometimes. But I still include the same ones in my top 10 and they have one thing in common: given the chance I would definitely go back in an instant.

Cape Town – definitely a wonderful surprise. From the mountains, to the white sand and blue water beaches, to the wine farms and delicious tastings, this was an amazing place to be. Add the chance to be at the most southern point in Africa (part of the old glory days from Portugal), the view from the Table Mountain, the V&A waterfont and the beautiful African penguins and this is a difficult combination to beat!

San Francisco – I always thought I would like SF and it did not disappoint. The European feel of the city, the outgoing people, the great weather and the views around the bay are the things I miss the most, together with the cute sea lions 🙂 Continue reading


Cape Town – a different side of Africa

If you have never been to Cape Town you need to get it on your list fast! It quickly became one of our favorite places, there is so much variety here. Preconceived notions aside Cape Town just does not fit into the typical African image that normally comes to mind. You know, the earth tones and long desert landscapes. It is just the opposite: mountains, green scenery, beautiful beaches of white sand and clear blue waters, wine farms and a beautiful coast line.

I cannot say what my favorite thing to do there was but I can say that this mix is what makes it such a special place.

If you get the chance to go there we suggest that you first take the cable car up to the top of the Table Mountain. From here you will have a 360 view of Cape Town and the region around it. Table Mountain has this name because it is totally flat when seen from below and when the clouds come over the mountain it looks just like a table cloth, check the photos below. If you are the most adventurous type you can also hike to the top of the table mountain instead of taking the cable car and also do some climbing. Continue reading

Kruger Park – a must see in this lifetime

Kruger National Park is one of the most known parks worldwide and we are fortunate enough to have included it in our world trip. It was not our first time there, it was my third time and Elsa’s second time.

On our previous times we saw three of the Big 5, the lion, the elefant and the cape buffalo. This time we saw the leopard, one of the big 5 that is really hard to spot at the Kruger Park.

IMG_1740 (2) IMG_1745 (2) Continue reading

Johannesburg and Pretoria – Family and Fun!

A long long time ago Nuno was born in South Africa (ok, not that long, just teasing you!). And lucky for us family still lives here: aunts, uncles and cousins. It was great to be able to spend some time with all of them while we were there. We always wish we had more time but that also gives us an extra reason to come back in the future or to host them in Norway.


Our time here was really about enjoying family dinners, lunches, stargazing and many delicious cocktails! All this in between our trips to Kruger National Park, Cape Town and Mauritius.

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Shark Cage Diving – Bucket List

The white shark is the most feared marine animal by humans because of his fatal attacks all around the world where he gets in contact with humans. This also makes him one of the most respected creatures.

There are two ways to have contact with the white shark, diving with bottle and cage diving. Because I do not have the necessary diving course I could only do the cage diving and I believe it should be the first step for all that want to see first hand this shark, without counting the experience on seeing it from the boat.

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