Los Angeles – sunlight, stars and bucket list

Being the second largest city of the USA we always imagined LA to be huge. And it was! It was a great city and we really enjoyed our days getting to know some of the places here but honestly we cannot imagine living here without spending hours and hours in the car. It is not uncommon to drive 50 or 60 Km to visit one of the sights and the traffic is just crazy. When you think of multiple roads crossing each other up and down, six lanes each side, people switching lanes all the time and thousands of cars competing to get there first, this is LA traffic!


Still it was worth all the driving to get to know the places we saw. And we had the absolute best airbnb place of the entire trip! Bed and bath, full kitchen, pool, gym, everything! If you ever want the details let us know. We have stayed in many hotels far worse than this for a much higher price. The host is great too, just as present or absent as you want and great to talk too. And we got to meet other great travelers and locals! 

These are our tips for Los Angeles:

– Take a studio tour, it is quite interesting to pass through the sets and learn how they are built and the multiple times they were used without us noticing it was the same. We chose Universal to combine it with the park but other studios have separate tours too. The park rides at Universal were great, catered more for adults, lots of 3D that we usually don’t appreciate but that really suited the rides. Oh and water splashed from everywhere, especially the Jurassic Park ride. Absolutely great!

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Airbnb – a very honest opinion

Airbnb is a great business idea and we have used it extensively in several places in the USA and in Canada. In many cities it was actually the only way for us to find affordable accommodation at central locations, e.g. Washington, Nashville or San Francisco.

But the experiences are very variable and honestly you never know what you are going to get. Simple things like “does the room have a lock?”, “how many rooms are being rented in the same apartment?”,  “how many bathrooms?”, “why I honestly rent this room”, “how much interaction I really expect to have with my guests” or “do I live here or just rent all the rooms separately on Airbnb?” would go a long way to clear up what’s going to happen.

We find it quite uncomfortable when people rent several rooms in the same house without informing, especially if there only one bathroom and no locks for each room. We never felt any real danger but still… Many rooms are also seriously overpriced for what they offer. And the worse is when the owner lives in the same place but is so uncomfortable with receiving strangers that he tries to avoid contact almost. Then we feel super uncomfortable too. It’s ok to be honest and say you need the money and do it for that reason, we also just need a room sometimes 🙂 Continue reading