Top 10 unforgettable places (by Elsa)

Now that the dust starts to settle, I start to see more clearly the places that have marked me the most. When it comes to the order of them I ranked the list the first time on the plane back to Stavanger but since then whenever I rank them again they switch places sometimes. But I still include the same ones in my top 10 and they have one thing in common: given the chance I would definitely go back in an instant.

Cape Town – definitely a wonderful surprise. From the mountains, to the white sand and blue water beaches, to the wine farms and delicious tastings, this was an amazing place to be. Add the chance to be at the most southern point in Africa (part of the old glory days from Portugal), the view from the Table Mountain, the V&A waterfont and the beautiful African penguins and this is a difficult combination to beat!

San Francisco – I always thought I would like SF and it did not disappoint. The European feel of the city, the outgoing people, the great weather and the views around the bay are the things I miss the most, together with the cute sea lions 🙂 Continue reading


Miami Beach – let’s soak in the sun!

After more than one month travelling we were really excited to get to Miami Beach and finally lay down in the sand and relax. It was my first beach day of the year and it was October! Miami is a big party place and we got the first proof while checking in at our hotel and having to scream over the music to the receptionist while we all pretended there was no music coming out of the speakers… And it was way over regular bedtime hours… Hotel bar or not next door, that was just a bit weird.

We stayed in several questionable places during this trip (pictures not available, some things are not worth remembering) but in Miami we splurged just a little in a hotel close to the beach and with a great rooftop pool. If you are not interested in clubbing every night pick a place just above South Beach, the prices take a plunge and you get just the same experience, plus less crowded!

IMG_4693                            IMG_4688 Continue reading