Top 10 unforgettable places (by Elsa)

Now that the dust starts to settle, I start to see more clearly the places that have marked me the most. When it comes to the order of them I ranked the list the first time on the plane back to Stavanger but since then whenever I rank them again they switch places sometimes. But I still include the same ones in my top 10 and they have one thing in common: given the chance I would definitely go back in an instant.

Cape Town – definitely a wonderful surprise. From the mountains, to the white sand and blue water beaches, to the wine farms and delicious tastings, this was an amazing place to be. Add the chance to be at the most southern point in Africa (part of the old glory days from Portugal), the view from the Table Mountain, the V&A waterfont and the beautiful African penguins and this is a difficult combination to beat!

San Francisco – I always thought I would like SF and it did not disappoint. The European feel of the city, the outgoing people, the great weather and the views around the bay are the things I miss the most, together with the cute sea lions ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading


Niagara Falls – Day and Night

After our well desIMG_2330erved night of sleep we began the day eating a buffet breakfast at a local restaurant where they had beautiful paintings of Canada’s wild animals, for the ones that don’t know I, Nuno, love pictures and paintings that show the old times and the wild life ofย the places we visit or live in.

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The amazing Niagara Falls – first contact

Elsa and I have several bucket list items in common and one of them is to see, feel and admire the great Niagara Falls and we are lucky enough to cross it from the bucket lists. I wanted to feel it in a different way, I would love to swim near the falls but at Niagara Falls that is not possible, maybe one day someone remembers to build a pool area at the falls. ๐Ÿ˜‰

When we arrived USA Niagara Falls train station it was already dark; we took a taxi to the Rainbow Bridge and walked to the falls from there (10 min slow walk). We started hearing the sound of the falls and see the lights from the Canada side, a city full of lights not only from the buildings and streets but also from all the entertainment they have created around tourism.

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