Road Trip 3 – San Francisco to Los Angeles

We decided to do the drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles and follow the coastline. It’s about 7 hours but it takes longer than at first expected because there are so many gorgeous views that you make many more stops for photos than originally planned. This meant we actually skipped several of the places we thought of stopping by at first but we are still happy with what we got to see!

IMG_4222 CIMG3989

Road Trip 3_01 Road Trip 3_02 Continue reading


Road trip 2 – Las Vegas to San Francisco via Grand Canyon

This was the best road trip we have ever done in our lives, the amazing views, different sceneries and life time experiences that can only be described with photos and videos. Today I can only post photos but I hope in the future I will be able to edit the videos and post them.

We started in Las Vegas…


We stopped at Hoover Dam. A curiosity, during WWII the US had plans to build a fake Hoover Dam in case the Germans tried to destroy it. Did you know? Continue reading

Road trip 1 – Nashville to Miami Beach

We got to drive a loooooot through the US and did several road trips, one of which from Nashville to Miami Beach going through Orlando, Cape Canaveral and taking a detour to visit the Keys before settling in Miami Beach for a few days!


The roads in Florida are great but you sure have to pay for them! And make multiple stops along the way paying small amounts. This could really be improved to a “pay when you exit system” but I suppose only those without an autopass notice it. But the driving can be very chaotic so on those times I leave it for Nuno 🙂 With so many cars and lanes and people ziguezaguing I prefer to be the copilot! Continue reading