Your Tips

Many of you have already been to the places we want to visit and we really want your advice and your tips. This can be a place to visit, something to do, a restaurant not to miss or a hotel/hostel to stay in. It can also be something to be aware of or to avoid. Anything is valuable to us!

Your tips be posted as comments and we will have to review them before they are visible but we will be quick 🙂

Afterwards they will be organized into the respective destinations, so check back regularly to see updates!

Bandeira Portuguesa

Muitos de vocês já passaram pelos destinos que vamos visitar e queremos muito receber as vossas sugestões. Pode ser um sítio a visitar, algo para fazer, um restaurante a não perder ou um hotel/pousada onde ficar. Também pode ser algo a evitar ou cuidados a ter. Todas as vossas dicas são importantes para nós!

As sugestões são deixadas como comentários e temos de os rever antes de ficarem visíveis mas vamos ser rápidos 🙂

Depois serão organizadas pelos respectivos destinos, por isso vão passando por aqui para ver as actualizações. 



We have received some tips regarding Tokyo, have a look.  Nós recebemos dicas sobre Toquio, dê uma olhadela.

7 thoughts on “Your Tips

  1. Caroline says:

    3 weeks road trip in Namibia for our honey moon and 3 months in China for internship, definitely a lot to say and to share, you have to come for a diner next door 🙂 Caroline and Aurélien

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    • Elsa and Nuno says:

      Hei Caroline. Yes we would like very much to get together to talk about the tips you have for us. Just tell us where and when, but the when is restricted to weekends because of my work. 🙂



  2. ricardo says:

    In Tokyo if you manage to stay in Shinjuku, helps since it’s very central and connected to everywhere. I stayed in the Best Western Shinjuku Astina it was a very nice deal at that time.
    To eat…don’t miss sushi close to the fish market…needs to be visited very early.

    Kobe steak I went to the restaurant Gyuan – – I had the experience of dinning alone with a Japanese lady that made me company and told me how to eat the grilled things she made for me…was a great experience and memory.

    All the food was great there, besides deserts.

    There is a tower like a small Eiffel tower on the top of a hill that gives great view over the city.

    Gardens and Temples are also very nice.

    If outside Tokyo into the mountains – HOT SPRINGS!!! 🙂

    I’ve some brochures and things we can have a look.

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  3. Lise Kaspersen says:

    For Florida I would definitly go to Key West and the west coast, Everglades and Naples.

    Orlando is Event Parks like Disney, Seaworld and Universal – theybare all amazing !
    However the ‘city’ Orlando is in my opinion dissapointing, it is an Industrial area with fast food restaurants. Downtown Kissimmee is a good option if you plan to stay in the area 🙂

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